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Fish Recipes

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I'm proud to say that this cooking section is not like many you have seen in the past. This one was created by a fisherman for a fisherman, and for anyone who enjoys a great fish dish. You'll find lots of fish in this section that you won't find at your local fish market. But don't worry, we've also covered all the basic fish too, like trout, tuna, catfish and halibut, just to name a few.

This section isn't just about different ways to cook fish; it's much more than that. For those of us who have braved the high seas to do battle with giant tuna, or backpacked to lakes hidden in a high mountain pass, a fish means more than just something to eat. Most of us release many more fish than we ever take home. For us, the thrill is to be outdoors, to battle with the fish in his home waters. The thrill of landing a monster-size fish, or making that perfect cast, is what we live for, not just to kill a fish. So when we decide to take a fish home, it's not done lightly. We don't take fish from a lake or stream or even the ocean without thinking about it. We are careful not to over-fish our favorite spots, to leave fish for the next fisherman that may come along. So, when we do take a fish home for a meal, we want it to be the best meal we have ever had.

In this section, you'll always find that perfect recipe to celebrate your catch with. We'll show you some terrific new ways to cook your catch; and all the recipes are quick and easy to do. I hope you enjoy Dan Hernandez


First, I'd like to thank everyone at Lawry's Foods, Inc. for all their help with and support of my weekly television fishing program, Sportfishing with Dan Hernandez. Your help has made us one of the most popular fishing programs on television. I'd also like to thank the special people who worked with me on the book. Thank you Kirk, Vicki, Cathi, Heather, Karene, and all the many assistants at Lawry's test kitchen who tested every recipe. I'd like to thank David, Jon, and Larry, my long time friends, who have stuck with me in this and many of my other projects.

Also, thanks to all the skippers who have worked with me over the years, and the galley cooks who shared many of their favorite ways to cook fish.

Dan Hernandez
Sport Fishing with Dan Hernandez


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